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Always buckle up! 
Jenna Grierson won first place in Auckland City Council's 'Design a Postcard' 8-10 year old category. Jenna (10) comes from Hillsborough in Auckland.
image: Auckland City Council
copyright: ©Jenna Grierson
E:No S:21

Buckle me in please! 
Jamie Newlands' winning postcard entry promoting seat belt safety during Kidsafe Week 2001. Jamie is 7 years old and comes from Pt Chevalier in Auckland.
image: Auckland City Council
copyright: ©Jamie Newlands
E:No S:16

Start every trip with a click. 
Emma Moorfield (13) of Auckland, won the 11-13 year old category of Auckland City Council's Kidsafe Week 2001 postcard competition.
image: Auckland City Council
copyright: ©Emma Moorfield
E:No S:25